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Sublimation Apparel Purchase Order Template


Sublimation Apparel Order Template

  • Format: Microsoft Excel.  Mac and PC compatible.
  • Customizable. Add your own logo and contact info.
  • Built-in formulas that help make ordering easier.
  • Sizes range XS-4XL. If you need to customize the sizes you can, or we can do it for you.
  • Columns are set-up to add up unit costs and all the details of costs such as shipping, taxes.
  • Added Bonus: Separate tab with fabric selections and style numbers to use for reference.


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FREE DOWNLOAD Sublimation Purchase Order Template
Download this Excel PO built specifically for sublimated orders for our products or for your custom items.

We specialize in sublimation apparel so we built an easy-to-use template for your orders. We added columns that you can use for style #’s, fabric selection and any details needed for your order. You’ll find that we have formulas built-in to make it easy to tally your quantities and pricing. There is also a tab that you can use as a guide for our own fabrics and styles/style #’s when ordering from our existing catalog. This can also be used for custom sublimation orders and re-orders.


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