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Apparel Design Portfolio

Over the years, we have immersed ourselves in numerous apparel projects, including collaborations with start-ups and retail brands, and producing private label collections for a lacrosse company, several bike clubs and shops. Our expertise lies in designing, which we have refined through our extensive experience.

All of our designs are meticulously crafted by Mariellen, the owner, who possesses a diverse range of skills, including logos, print, packaging, food packaging, photography, website design, sublimation, and more. We understand the importance of technical illustrations in creating tech packs and templates, and therefore prioritize them in our work.

Clients often ask us about our sources of inspiration, and our response is simple – we listen closely to their needs, conduct thorough research on current designs, analyze competition, and then create unique designs that sell!

Below are a few of our favorites over the years, but check out our instagram to view more.