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Welcome to Custom Apparel Source, your ultimate destination for all things sports apparel. Whether you’re kickstarting a new lifestyle line or expanding your existing one, we’re here to cater to your needs. From creating logos and brands for startups to established retail giants and professional sports teams, we infuse every project with a touch of creativity. Since 2001, we’ve been proudly based in Charlotte, NC, serving clients who value working with local and USA made companies.

But we’re more than just branding experts. Our specialties include pattern development, tech packs, fabric sourcing, sublimation apparel, private label and manufacturing for your brand. With years of industry experience, we understand which fabrics pair best with printing methods, stay ahead of emerging trends, and streamline the journey of your product to the market, all while keeping costs in check and using sustainable materials and processes.
Custom Apparel Source is passionate about educating our clients too. Explore our website and discover a wealth of hidden treasures, from informative flowcharts outlining different processes to indispensable apparel terminology and valuable free resources like the Pantone color chart, and so much more.

Got a concept in mind? Let us seamlessly transform it into reality. Welcome to your go-to hub for top-notch sports apparel solutions.

With our expertise in custom logos, graphic design and apparel development, we can help you create a powerful and memorable brand that will get you noticed in today’s competitive market. If you’re feeling unsure about where to start or drowning in a sea of endless Google searches, we’ve got the expertise to cut through the noise and streamline the process for you.

Are you ready to boost your production capacity? Want to expand your apparel line with new and exciting SKUs? Need contract printing of 20,000 units? Or are you in need of expert graphic design to turn your creative vision into reality? Discover our diverse range of services that can quickly accelerate your progress!

apparel meeting with clients in factory

We collaborate with print shops, ad agencies, major retail brands, and various factories throughout their journey. Whether you seek guidance, an apparel partner can enhance your services in alignment with your customers’ preferences, or simply wish to brainstorm innovative ideas for new products, we’re here to offer our support.

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