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We wanted to offer a few resources that you can use to start working on your apparel line!

We know that getting started means you need more tools in your tool shed to be efficient. We created easy-to-use templates that you can customize and use each time for your orders with us. In addition, we added important need-to-know guides that will help you in learning about starting an apparel line and creating your own brand.

FREE DOWNLOAD Pantone Color Guide
Download CAS’s PDF Color Swatch Chart that we have created based on the most popular colors that are requested on a daily basis. This chart will help you in selecting colors for your brand and when placing an order with production. Pantone or commonly known as PMS is recognized globally.

When you look at a color on-screen, it looks entirely different than a color printed on a piece of paper using ink. Why? Because the RGB color spectrum and HTML hexadecimal model are used only on screens. They work by adding light to a dark screen. CMYK and Pantone work by subtracting the light reflected off a white piece of paper. Since you’re printing your design on paper (or cloth or whichever material you choose), it’s important to design using CMYK or a Pantone color right from the start.

FREE DOWNLOAD Apparel Purchase Order Template
Download this Excel template for all your apparel orders

We know ordering apparel comes with a different set of needs. We wanted you to have an easy-to-use PO that you can customize for your company and use again and again. You’ll find that we have formulas built-in to make it easy to tally your quantities and pricing. We added columns that you can use for style #’s, garment color, sizes and artwork descriptions.

Best used for: Silk screen, embroidery and DTF orders. T-shirts, Hats, promotional items, hoodies, school spiritwear.

FREE DOWNLOAD Apparel Roster Template
This Excel template already has built in columns and formulas so all you have to do is add your names, numbers and sizes. Compatible with Mac and PC.

Our Apparel Roster Template is perfect for you to use to keep track of your team roster and order. Printers will ask for an excel spreadsheet when creating your order and to ensure accuracy in production. We added a separate Font Selection tab that shows our available font styles for vinyl heat transfers or a list of our most popular fonts for sublimation orders.

Best used for: Silk screen, vinyl lettering and sublimation orders. Team uniforms, reversibles, coaching staff, class trips, sports leagues.

FREE DOWNLOAD Sublimation Purchase Order Template
Download this Excel PO built specifically for sublimated orders for our products or for your custom items. Custom built formulas to add up costs and quantities.

We specialize in sublimation apparel so we built an easy-to-use template for your orders. We added columns that you can use for style #’s, fabric selection any details needed for your order. You’ll find that we have formulas built-in to make it easy to tally your quantities and pricing. There is also a tab that you can use as a guide for our own fabrics and style guide when ordering from our existing catalog. This can also be used for custom sublimation orders and re-orders.

FREE DOWNLOAD Print Locations Guide And Terms
Download this multi-page guide for everything you’ll need to know about artwork placement, artwork sizes, top locations and terms. For first-timers to seasoned designers, this guide is one that you will use daily.

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