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Get Organized with our easy-to use task List for 2024!

Everyone likes to start off the new year with a plan and to help you organize we created our own version of a daily to-do list. There are actual checkboxes and ways to easily prioritize by selecting a color so you can quickly manage your day. Get 2024 off to a great start!!

We Simplified Group Tasks into 7 categories

  1. Task list – checkboxes and highlight in colors for easy prioritizig
  2. Top Priorities
  3. Marketing Tasks
  4. Connections – Calls received, people to reach out o
  5. List of items to pick up or appointments
  6. Do Something Nice – The best way to market your brand or network is to remember to do the little things. Everyone likes to get a hand written note, or testimonial on LinkedIn
  7. Daily Habits – Reminding you to hydrate, exercise, mediate and eat healthy

Examples of symbols from the bullet list in Word:
X = Task Complete
> = Task Migrated
< = Task Scheduled
o = Event
– = Notes (facts, ideas, thoughts, and observations)
Bullet journal signifiers:
* = Priority
! = Inspiration
Picture of an eye = Explore (something that requires further research, information, or discovery)

Bullet journal symbols are a good place to start for inspiration, but I recommend adapting the symbols to suit your own planning needs. I personally prefer to simplify and only use a few symbols.

  • Hollow square for general tasks
  • Hollow circle for tasks relating to something for business
  • Exclamation point for urgent tasks and due dates
  • Asterisks for ‘don’t forget’ and important tasks
  • Small clock for deadlines
  • Use triangles for events

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