New Trends in Knitting Machines

So over the past few weeks I’ve been able to meet the moves and shakers and tour inside a very innovative facility that is exclusive to the US and right in my own backyard, Monroe, NC. Vanguard Pailung, family owned and run since 1916. They manufacture or as they put it “Engineering the future” of

The Biggest U.S. Apparel Company is a Sports Brand   Just when Nike founder Phil Knight stepped down as its chairman, the brand was just named the most valuable apparel brand in the world and now, the biggest US apparel company in terms of revenue last 2014. Nike reports almost $31 billion in annual sales, which is a large margin compared to Ralph Lauren coming in at

Case Study: Bimini Lifestyle – Apparel Line start-up

New Client: Bimini Lifestyle, LLC located in Nantucket/Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard Bimini Lifestyle has hired Custom Apparel Source to redesign their brand, apparel, consulting and apparel design and manufacturing. We are also creating their own website. We have made amazing strides in just a few weeks. Bimini has been able to meet and connect with

Sublimated Tank Tops came to us to create their own private label kickball tanks for their players on various teams. We designed and produced Shut Up N Play’s tanks in the US. I took their idea and created this unique one-of-a-kind design in about 2 weeks. The team came up with some crazy names to put on

New Designs for Cycling – Sublimated Socks and Jerseys

We just finished an apparel project for a team out west, Corvair Cycling Team. They are a crazy bunch of people, the only direction they gave us was make it bright and make it bright yellow for their cycling jerseys and sublimated socks. We designed this crazy colorful stripe design that really gets your attention.

Wearable NFC Technology – Make payments with a flick of your wrist using

No NFC doesn’t stand for National Football Conference. But it does stand for something new and COOL. Wearable Technology. This is an introductory article into the world of NFC. No I’m not going to review  fitness tracking devices, Google with Google Glass, the Pebble Smartwatch, the Italian I.AM watch, UPS Jawbone….and the list goes on.