Masks that show your smile!

Announcing our newest item….See-Through Face Mask Let them see your smile and remain safe. These masks are particularly popular among people working with children, elderly, hearing impaired and autistic individuals. Made of cotton and plastic, these are available in stock fabrics such as solid colors like our N95 equivalent cloth style masks and custom designs.

Purchase USA Made Essential Covid-19 PPE Products

In response to the need for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), we are producing in our USA factories essential Covid-19 items. As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic accelerates, global health care systems have become overwhelmed with potentially infectious patients seeking testing and care. Preventing spread of infection relies on effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE)—gloves,

China Tariff Overview

The struggle is real guys…Make it in the USA! My company typically creates all our apparel lines here in the Carolinas and US we have several factories we work in some small cities out of Wisconsin, to major fabric factories in LA. I received this email from Bill Sells today who is SVP for Government/Public

Custom Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

GOOOALLLL!! Ok little cheesy, but did you know we design and make really cool high-quality sublimated hockey jerseys? You can create any kind of designs as many colors as you want. We make game day jerseys with reinforced padding as well as a “lighter” version for fans. Contact us if you know of any teams,