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Custom Scented Apparel & Accessories

Did you know you can add your own signature scent or fragrance to apparel and accessories? Or you can choose from our catalog of developed scents such as chocolate, lavender and even bacon?

We work with one of the best scent innovators in the world. Working with retails brands such as Victoria Secret, Guess, Disney, AXE, and more. The type of application we use will depend on the product, the longevity of the scent, timeline and budget.

Scent Application
Depending on how long you want the scent to last, we can either:

  • Add your custom or stock scent to the fibers in the production of the fabric or thread (Long lasting scent). We work with approved and select factories for this process.
  • Take your finished goods and run through our commercial rinse process (short term scent)
  • Add to your scent directly to your garment through a process similar to silk screen printing, applying it on top of your printed design (you won’t see it, but you can feel it) (Good for 25 or so washes)

Items you can add scent to:

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants these can be in stock items or custom made
  • Patches that we can then sew directly on items
  • Woven labels – use your fabric/size label as a way to infuse your scent
  • Fabric – cotton, polyester and more
  • Thread for socks and other knitted garments

NOTE: If you already have a scent, we require a small amount for our test labs, direct contact with the producer and also final results of tests for allergies and other necessary tests for commercial use and application.

Call Mariellen Auer, owner of Custom Apparel Source @ 704-236-0568 or email your questions to [email protected] to get started on your unique fragrance and apparel concept.