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Organic and Sustainable Fabric Catalog

Sustainable Fabric Catalog


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the fabric and textile space, we believe sustainability encompasses all aspects of our lifestyle from the food we eat, the supplies we use and the way we give back to our communities.

Specializing in casual sportwear fabrications, KenDor’s programs offer the flexibility of low-minimum sampling from many in-stock colours, as well as the potential of custom dyeing of sample, duplicate and production quantities in as little as one roll. Often achieved by combining several compatible fabrications together in 300m-500m dyelots. If necessary, KenDor can sometimes share a dyelot with customers, to avoid surcharges. Domestic or Asia to Asia, our mills can fit your needs.

Let’s talk about what we’re doing to continuously improve our sustainable business model.

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What is just-in-time inventory?
Just-in-time inventory allows you the ability to only order what will actually be produced and minimize contributing to unnecessary waste during the manufacturing process. Today, fashion waste is a major problem and it’s important for us to minimize our impact as much as possible in every way we can. By having our fabric in stock and on site, our customers can have the peace of mind that fabric can be available just in time for production whilst reducing waste in the process.

What do you do with fabric waste?
We donate it! Anything we cannot use is repurposed, reused and recycled to local charities and businesses – our main goal is to divert all and any fabric from being sent to the landfill.

Do you only recycle small cuts?
No. We recycle everything we cannot use. This includes; sample scraps (scraps from making swatch cards), small cuts and damaged fabric.

How are the fabrics made?
Since the beginning of our sustainability journey, it was important to us to find partners who valued sustainability as much as we did. Although it hasn’t always been easy, we’re proud to say we have cultivated strong, long term relationships with mills who put sustainability first in every way they can. 

What type of dyes are used in the fabrics?
Our fabrics are made with low-impact fiber reactive dyes. The big difference between using traditional/synthetic dyes vs low impact fiber reactive dyes is that these dyes are free from heavy metals, chemical mordants, AZO’s, and the dyeing cycle is shorter than that for other dye processes, meaning lesser requirement of water, salt and chemicals are needed¹. One way to rest assured that the fabrics you buy are made with low-impact dyes is by looking for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ label, which is one of the “world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances” – learn more

We are proud to have a broad collection of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® Certified fabrics and take the work we do seriously by constantly prioritizing quality and excellence from our partners to achieve the standards of environmental and social compliance that we strive for.
Read more about STANDARD 100 Certification by OEKO-TEX here