Our process and factory location allows us to produce starting from your creative idea to sample in 4-6 weeks. From tech pack to final product in customer’s hands in 2-3 weeks.

How do we do it?

  • Complete raw material infrastructure. We don’t have to piece meal the order from other countries, we have all the raw materials available immediately.
  • Short Supply Chain – our suppliersĀ are located all within close proximity to each other shortening the overall production time. We offer trims, woven labels, fabrics and even printing your hang tags.
  • Lower pricing – our labor costs are very cost effective and our experience on knowing who to go to and delivering on time, reduces stress and unnecessary money being wasted on incorrect orders.
  • Shortened delivery times – compared to China and other eastern countries we can deliver your items in a matter of days versus a 40 day ship time for a container of goods.
  • We work mainly the USA to create your goods, but depending on the project we will source in other countries.
  • CAFTA pricingThe Central America Free Trade Agreement means products come into USA duty free. We believe in manufacturing only in the Western Hemisphere.

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