• Branding Style Guide Examples for Apparel
    As you can see, the purpose of the brand style guide is to form and maintain all of the various elements of a company that, when combined, spell out the entire brand as it’s recognized. Working with an apparel brand, includes more than just developing the apparel line, but the brand itself. The logo, the
  • Simple Tests to Determine the Success of Your Brand Name
    The test to check what qualities your brand name should have is the SMILE Test. Essentially it stands for Simple – easy to understand Meaningful – one which your customers easily relate Imagery – creates a strong visual association Legs – it should have the ability to stay relevant for a long time Emotional – builds a bond, entertains, evoke
  • PMS Colors: What You Need To Know To Print Your Logo
    Pantone Matching System (www.pantone.com) the Solid Coated collection is the one we use on a daily basis. If you already know your PMS colors, you can send us your list so that we match your next print project or logo design and be consistent on your orders. HOW IT WORKS Each color is assigned a number found