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How to start an apparel line, but what they don’t tell you.

From an insiders’s view.

I will take you inside the minds of clients, suppliers and inner workings of our factories. I will walk you step-by-step what you need to get started and setting realistic expectations. 

We will also have expert speakers in the field to discuss copyright laws, fabric trends, forecasting, finances, marketing, different printing techniques and more.

Contact [email protected] for questions and podcast ideas. We like to hear from you and what you need to know.

What you learn in Episode #1: How to choose where to get started based on these 3 different scenarios.

Episode 1: Starting an apparel line requires deciding if you want to print-on-demand, private label or custom cut and sew.

What you learn in Episode #2: Creating your blueprint to start your own apparel line

Episode #2: We will give you a detailed step-by-step to do list in order to start your apparel line. This is episode helps you build the foundation you need to think about, research and start realizing how the whole line is going to come together from all sides of it.