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What It Takes to Make a Pattern

Apparel pattern development is the process of creating a blueprint or template that can be used to produce a garment. It involves taking a design concept and translating it into a set of instructions that can be followed to create a finished garment.

> Pattern Making
> Digitizing Patterns
> Grading/Sizing
> Garment Specifications

We tell all our clients, the best way to get the process started is to submit apparel that you want to incorporate whether it’s fabric, unique decoration technique or overall fit we can take those resources and begin. When submitting apparel for us to base a pattern on, then send us 2 consecutive sizes for us to complete the grading. Choose a size for sampling that will be used for fitting. It could be you or someone else to be our fit model.

Garment patterns are incredibly important in cut and sew manufacturing.

  1. The first step in apparel pattern development is to create a design concept. This can be done through sketching, draping fabric on a dress form, or using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Once the design concept is established, the pattern development process can begin.
  2. The next step is to create a basic block pattern. This is a standard pattern that can be modified to create different styles. The block pattern is typically created using measurements taken from a fit model or standard sizing charts. The block pattern is then used as the foundation for creating the final pattern.
  3. The final pattern is created by modifying the block pattern to match the design concept. This involves making adjustments to the pattern to account for details such as seams, darts, and pleats. The final pattern may also be graded to create different sizes.
  4. Once the pattern is complete, a sample garment can be made to test the fit and make any necessary adjustments. This process may be repeated multiple times until the fit and design are perfect.