Our USA factories are manufacturing reusable washable and reversible Adult and Youth size N95 equivalent style face masks.

We offer a variety of styles, this is for minimum purchase of 10. Turnaround time 10-12 business days or you can pick up if you live in or near Charlotte, NC. Larger orders, require longer lead time

N95 fabric style in solid colors only.

N95 Equivalent Style Face Mask with N95 Filter

We received approval from the FDA for the mask through the “Emergency Use Authorization” Act to produce these fabric masks.


An N95 masks act as a barrier between the wearer and the surrounding environment to protect a person against hazardous fine particles and viruses suspended in the air. The reference to’N95’ relates to a U.S. standard, other standards for masks exist worldwide. For example, they are termed FFP2 respirators in Europe.

N95 masks contain a layer of “meltblown” polypropylene fibers. These form a porous, breathable network. So that smaller particles are captured, the fibers are electrostatically charged.

Hard at work! Southeast factory making masks.

N95 Equivalent Style Mask – No Filter

We are also making this same style mask without a filter which can be worn over a N95 mask so that the N95 mask will last longer.

Accordion Style Face Masks

Accordion Style Face Mask

An accordion mask, they can also be washed in hot water. These masks are made from 100% cotton.


All of our masks can be washed in hot water with laundry detergent. We recommend putting them in a laundry bag or pillow case with other laundry, to avoid tangled with other items. We also recommend that you DO NOT USE fabric softener. If you purchased filtered masks, the fabric is a wicking antimicrobial poly/cotton fabric with a filter filament between the two pieces of tightly woven fabric. The filter system adds a layer of protection. This filter is equivalent to N95 masks.Contact us for pricing and info. Share this link with family, friends and employees.


Click on our SHOP tab or Contact Mariellen Auer at Custom Apparel Source for pricing and ordering information. These are shipping from the Southeast or if you are local , you can pick up in Charlotte, NC. 704-236-0568 call or text or email mariellen@customapparelsource.net