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About > DTG – Direct-To-Garment Printing

DTG – Direct-To-Garment Printing

DTG printing, also known as direct to garment printing, is when a digital image design is printed onto the garment. DTG printers offer a more efficient process than screen printing and have benefits like cost and time saving, efficient production, and the requirement of only a single operator per machine.

Custom Apparel Source uses DTG for small runs, test prints and multi-colored graphics that can be printed on Cotton T-shirts Only. Contact us to work on your design, or place a T-shirt or hoodie order. Keep reading to see if it’s the best choice for you.


What is DTG printing best for?

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DTG printing is most cost-effective for small batches of custom printed t-shirts. The number of colors used won’t seriously affect the final price. However, large batches will use more ink and time — the printer can only handle one shirt at a time — resulting in higher prices.

Does DTG printing peel?

DTG printing is a digital process that takes digital art files and prints them directly into the fabric using special inkjet technology, creating permanent prints that will not peel or wash out.

How long does DTG printing last?

DTG prints can still survive 50+ washes and be acceptable to the customer – certainly “good enough” for most customers! The bottom line about quality: DTG prints are typically made for customers that have different demands than customers that place high-volume screen print orders.

What is better DTG or sublimation?

DTG printing is the best fabric printer for natural fibers like cotton, linen, canvas, or jeans. Even darker materials can produce quality prints. Sublimation printing works best with objects that have polyester or polyester coating.

Can DTG print on any shirt?

What kind of t-shirts can you DTG print on? DTG printing works best on 100% cotton t-shirts to achieve the best color vibrancy. However, a poly-cotton blend can also result in a good quality print as well, depending on its cotton content.

Is DTG low quality?

The colors have been proven to last when applied with quality printers and ink. Pretreatment also aids in the longevity of printed images. DTG printed images are not only high quality from the start, the quality stands the test of time