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Unveiling Our Process of Graphic Concept Generation

It takes an understanding not only of illustration and design, but also of what our client needs in order to print the product to their original concept’s specifications as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. From t-shirt designs, to all-over patterns to graphics that work across different a variety of garments, through experience we’ve learned the ins and outs of textile and apparel design.

Let’s break it down:

Conceptual Design: 
Our designers don’t just create individual designs – they create entire lines through a concept design. This involves asking important questions like what each garment will look like, where the design will be placed or printed onto the garment, and how one garment goes with another. By taking a comprehensive approach, we ensure that our designs are cohesive and consistent across the entire collection.

At Custom Apparel Source, we know that the heart of any apparel design is the illustration itself. Our graphic designers are experts in creating original graphics that will later be reproduced onto garments and accessories. Whether it’s a simple design or a complex vector creation, our designers have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Working with Digital Templates
Templates allow our designers to visualize how their designs will look on different apparel items and ensure that they fit seamlessly onto the garment. Whether we’re printing directly onto the fabric or using the template as a guide for our manufacturers, we rely on our designers to create designs that will maintain their integrity throughout the process.

Trend Spotting:
As a company, we understand the importance of staying current with fashion, pop culture, and design trends when creating apparel designs. Our designers keep up to date with these trends by working directly with your marketing team and staying informed of what’s trending socially or with other designers. We know that designing without outward influence is rare, especially if we want our products to sell, particularly if we’re working for a larger brand or company. By incorporating these trends into our designs, we can ensure that our products are both stylish and marketable.

Know the Printing Process
At our company, we understand the importance of knowing the printing process when designing for apparel. Our designers need to be aware of the limitations of the artwork for both screen printing and digital printing. They need to know whether whites in the design get printed or are rendered transparent and if the print size will fit the garment or require multiple versions. Our team works closely with printers, manufacturers, and marketing teams to ensure that our designs are print-ready and marketable.

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