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What to Consider when Creating Apparel Logos

In the apparel industry, your logo needs to look just as good (and fit just as well) as the clothes and accessories you sell in-store or online. In other words, it has to communicate your sense of style and taste at a glance. If you’re looking for apparel logo inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We work daily with companies big and small.

Consider the following for tips when considering your logo design:

Apparel logo fonts come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the style of their brand. One common thread between different font options is a need for legibility, especially on profile pics,small labels and tags. To ensure buyers know the brand behind the clothes, a bold custom typeface makes for an easily legible option at any size.

Sometimes you may rely on typography to use for your logo, but you still need a symbol/graphic to add a bit of fashionable flair to your clothing logo and brand. If you choose to add a symbol, make sure it makes sense for the kind and style of apparel you offer. That logo you designed for a t-shirt might be cute, but if you are looking to have longevity with your brand you should consider creating a graphic that will work on various applications. As with any logo element, your symbol should complement all your other logo elements, while also being scalable enough to fit the smallest clothing label.


The best clothing logos are versatile and look just as good stitched on your clothing as they do on your website. To achieve the kind of flexibility that lets you switch between physical and digital mediums with ease, keep your logo layout simple. A clean, simple layout will be able to scale more easily, but you can also opt for a few logo variations to achieve the same effect.

After investing so much effort in creating your logo and brand, it’s crucial to safeguard them. You can explore various options and costs with our licensed apparel attorney, who is specialized in trademarks, patents, and other legal avenues for brand protection. Before finalizing a brand name, we recommend conducting some preliminary research to ensure that it’s not already in use. You can refer to the US Patent and Trademark Office for further details on the procedure and clarification of any doubts.

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