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Apparel Line Review

Is my idea tangible? How do I get started? What’s a vector vs. jpg graphic? What is the cost of pattern development? Should I focus on domestic or overseas manufacturing? How can I protect my idea? What do I need to do to scale from small to large orders? How do I ship orders? Or you have done your research but you still have questions and just need some expert advice.

Whether you are ready to produce an item/entire line or just starting to explore, you need to equip yourself with the correct knowledge and guidance, so you can launch your items with ease and avoid costly mistakes.

What To Expect: Our experts will answer all your questions at the time of the meeting to the best of our ability based on what you provide. Keep in mind that this is a brief project review, not a full scale assessment. We recommend checking out our other consulting packages to provide a more thorough assessment. Depending on where you are in the process, our goal is to make sure you have a foundation and understanding of what you need to move forward or suggest going in a different direction.
You will walk away with helpful tips on how to get started, receive honest feedback on whether your product can be made or not and what is needed to move into the apparel development phase. We will make every effort to give you proper guidance for the development, graphic design, sourcing, printing, production and what items you need to work on for sample and full-scale production. Our experience and insight that we provide is invaluable. And if you are new to the apparel development we will provide a brief rundown of the entire concept-to-manufacturing process for an overall positive learning experience.

Confidential review available via in-person, video chat or phone call. 
Time: 30 minutes file review prior to our meeting and up to 2 hour consultation time. 

What we need: Once payment is received, we will contact you to confirm meeting time. Please prepare the following information that pertains to your needs and send via e-mail 2-3 days prior to the appointment.

  • Brief background history of the line and brand name and your ultimate goal for success.
  • Compile your list of questions, issues and concerns
  • If you have already made a sample, tell us your challenges
  • Inspirational images
  • Reference samples, actual samples or pics
  • Logo/brand artwork files
  • Sketches and/or Tech Packs
  • Current list of materials, fabric, trims, labeling and decoration techniques
  • Retail target price point
  • Quantity and range of sizes/colors for average orders,
  • Marketing Strategy, Business Plan and Order Processing Plan

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Purchase your Apparel Line Review Package by clicking the button below

Step 2: Book your appointment

Step 3: Complete the Tell Us About Your Project form as much as you can.