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2024 Color Trends and Styles Forecasting

    2024 Color trends Apricot

    Check out the new color combos for 2024 apparel collections. You’ll be surprised about the new influences for fashion trends.

    WGSN and Coloro present their Key Colors for A/W 24/25, which are aligned with influences that will drive consumers, including a focus on well-being, creativity, the environment and technology. As consumers continue to grapple with ongoing economic, political and environmental crises, a sense of uncertainty about the future will remain a dominant force. As a result, our Global Colour Forecast aligns with influences that will drive consumers as we head into 2025, including wellbeing, creativity, the environment and technology.

    The Key Colours for August/Winter 2024/2025 are Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey, Cool Matcha and Apricot Crush.

    WGSN first forecast Apricot Crush as a key color for A/W 23/24, aligning with a focus on balanced lifestyles that nourish the body and mind. Moving it into Color of the Year 2024 signifies the importance of orange as a versatile, transseasonal shade. Reflecting WGSN’s commitment to color longevity and sustainability goals, Apricot Crush’s restorative attributes will appeal across fashion, beauty, interiors and consumer tech.

    March 28, 2023
    Source: WGSN x Coloro
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