Will.i.am creates XUPERMASK – high-tech face mask that answers calls and protects

I am loving this product and idea- Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas launches high-tech face mask called XUPERMASK. RETAIL: $299.00DROP DATE: 4.8.21 #xupermaskHe said, “What I saw out there in the world was people had loose-fitted masks, and they had earbuds. When they got phone calls, they took the mask off and the earbuds

Future of #FashionTech

We are just beginning to see where fashion, science and technology are converging. At the time of this post, I’m currently attending a 2 day summit hosted by 360 Fashion Network on how digital fashion and technology is going to change the way we design, manufacture, create and even pay. First of all, I decided

Totally Tubular Tie-Dye is Back! Check out the Best 2021 items that you can add to your line.

Yes, tie-dye has trended in and out for years, but it came to the fore in 2020’s runway and retail offerings—and promises to continue into 2021—because of the feelings it evokes: comfort, nostalgia, cheeriness, casualness and youth, even the sunny idealism of its ‘60s heyday.  In 2021, expect to see tie-dye in lots of iterations:

Now that we are starting 2021- It’s a new era in wearing face masks and what you need to know is more important than ever to survive

Charlotte, NC based-Custom Apparel Source owner, Mariellen Auer weighs in on what you need to know about face masks that will change the way you dispose of and take care of your masks. I wanted to share some very valid points about using disposable masks and reusable washable face masks that the article below states.

Masks that show your smile!

Announcing our newest item….See-Through Face Mask Let them see your smile and remain safe. These masks are particularly popular among people working with children, elderly, hearing impaired and autistic individuals. Made of cotton and plastic, these are available in stock fabrics such as solid colors like our N95 equivalent cloth style masks and custom designs.