Yes, tie-dye has trended in and out for years, but it came to the fore in 2020’s runway and retail offerings—and promises to continue into 2021—because of the feelings it evokes: comfort, nostalgia, cheeriness, casualness and youth, even the sunny idealism of its ‘60s heyday. 

In 2021, expect to see tie-dye in lots of iterations: different patterns and color stories, on all types of garments, for all types of wearers. Here’s what you need to know to add the trend to your apparel line and merch store.

We’re seeing T-shirts, hoodies, track suits, masks and caps (even dresses and trenches) in tie-dye patterns on the market, helped along by the work-from-home trend and the casualization of workplace attire. “The trend toward optimistic clothing will continue because actual life is becoming less optimistic. We hunger for balance. We never go fully in one direction.” 

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Of course, the classic spiral tie-dye tee will always be the nostalgic fan favorite. For example, Dyenomite’s Multi-Color Spiral Short Sleeve T-Shirt, style 200MS, has expanded its kaleidoscope of colors in this tie-dye pattern exponentially —with funky names like Day Glo, Hazy Rainbow, Illusion and Inferno—giving a fresh look to a classic.

We’re not only seeing tie-dye patterning in T-shirts, though. 2021’s newest accessory, masks, are also being tie-dyed. Two bestsellers to watch: Sportsman’s Maverick USA Made Comfort and Adjustable Face Masks in styles. They’re available in several tie-dye shades, including Pastel, Rainbow, Pink/Orange and Teal/Peach—to fit various markets and end-users.

Tie Dye Face Mask. Click on image to view in our catalog.

You can also wow your customers with tie-dye headwear like the Lido Tie-Dyed Trucker Cap GB470 and Asbury Tie-Dyed Twill Cap GB482, by The Game. Aside from the usual brighter shades like Pastel, Sorbet and Sunrise, these hats come with some more neutral options. Greyscale and Navy Tonal are perfect for  those just starting to dip their toes into the world of tie-dyed fashion. 

At the subtler end, Independent Trading Co.’s Midweight Mineral Wash Hooded Sweatshirt (PRM4500MW) offers a tonal black tie-dye pattern. A slight step up in patterning, Dyenomite’s Crystal Tie Dye T-Shirt (200CR) comes in Black Crystal, along with Black/Red Crystal, Black/Columbia and Black/Teal patterns. Plus, go a little brighter with shades like Gold, Purple, Red, Royal and Turquoise.

Streetwear has also been tapping into the tie-dye market, so we’re seeing more unique variations of the popular  trend show up on the wholesale market as well. Dyenomite’s Splatter Tees (200SL) come decorated with strokes of color that might remind you of a Jackson Pollock painting, but are perfect for clients that need the vibe of a tie-dyed shirt, with an artistic feel to it. On the pullover side, Independent Trading makes a Midweight Tie-Dyed Hooded Sweatshirt (PRM4500TD) that has kind of a graffiti feel to it, which will definitely appeal to the streetwear crowd.

one style that should be easier to add is Alternative’s Cotton Jersey Go-To Tee (1070). It offers a more universal tie-dye colorway in muted shades like Gray Tie Dye, Blue Tie Dye and Gold Tie Dye.

1070 Alternative T-shirt. Click on image to view in our catalog.

“With tie-dye, people are blending comfort with color and creativity, so now’s the best time to tap into the trend” Jacobs says.

Here is a list of our trendiest tie-dye apparel that we can decorate with your logo and designs.

Dyenomite – Cyclone Pinwheel Tie-Dyed T-Shirt – 200CY

Dyenomite – Dream Tie-Dyed T-Shirt – 650DR

Dyenomite – Spiral Tie Dye Long Sleeve – 240MS

Dyenomite – Crystal Tie-Dyed T-Shirt – 200CR

Dyenomite – Blended Hooded Sweatshirt – 680VR

The Game – Asbury Tie-Dyed Twill Cap – GB482

Sportsman – Tie-Dyed Bucket Cap – SP450

Sportsman – Tie-Dyed Dad Cap – SP400

Sportsman – 12″ Tie-Dyed Knit – SP412

MV Sport – Women’s French Terry Off-the-Shoulder Tie-Dyed Sweatshirt – W20173

BELLA + CANVAS – FWD Fashion Unisex Tie-Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt – 3945RD

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