We are always on the hunt for the next big thing.. we found it this week. Mariellen Auer the owner of Auer Agency aka Custom Apparel Source jumped in her car to meet manufacturers in the Carolinas. Hearing about an environmentally friendly facility and print manufacturer for inks led her to a fully-sustainable printer/manufacturer that not only makes their own t-shirts, but they can print on existing t-shirts as long as they are 100% cotton with water based inks.

The print process is called REHANCE.

REHANCE allows them to print waterbased inks on a dark t-shirt, something difficult for other printers to accomplish without harsh chemicals. Our inks become part of the shirt, rather than sitting on top of it, resulting in a print you can’t feel, and won’t crack, peel or fade over time. Waterbased inks are also much more environmentally-friendly than plastisol.

a REHANCE at 60x magnification


a Plastisol print at 60x magnification

The only T-shirts used for this print technique are 100% cotton ringspun, super soft and durable for years and years.

Factoid: The facility is also the originator of the first North Carolina organic cotton t-shirt. Customers can even track the t-shirt from its origins in the fields to the processing to the finishing facility.

The printer is actually a one-of-a-kind facility with its own sustainable landscaping, rain water used in the bathrooms and really cares about the work environment for its employees. After hearing about several terrible working conditions overseas, we are passionate about finding manufacturers who not only create a great product, but promotes good business ethics.

They have found that their clientele range from those that are environmentally conscious, co-ops, green initiative events and business who want to support MADE in the USA products.


Contact us for more information on this print technique of waterbased inkprint technique on your next team, business or for your next BIG special event. We can design, print and ship them right to your business or event.

T-shirt samples from the facility:
CottonoftheCarolinas closeup wearehere closeup PurpleTshirt