From the runways to the red carpet, Dolman sleeves have been all the rage this year. From the Turkish word “dolaman” for “robe,” Dolman sleeves feature wide armholes and no underarm seam, creating a flattering and feminine look that has caught on in all circles of women’s wear, from casual to dressy. Celebrities such as country singer Carrie Underwood and actresses Zoe Saldana and Kerry Washington have all been spotted recently sporting dresses and tops with Dolman sleeves. Fashion designer Stella McCartney even created a short dress with one long Dolman sleeve.
Dolmans are selling strong in the promotional apparel industry as well. One of the most popular, is Bella’s Flowy Dolman Sleeve offered in 4 colors, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black and Pebble.

“It will be one of those basic must-have pieces,” says Mariellen Auer.

Bella Flowy Dolman Tee

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