All over printing is a type of sublimation printing process that applies a design to a complete sublimation-ready garment. Typically, the garment is made of mostly polyester for the best ink quality, but many times too the fabric is combined with cotton for a softer feel.

All over printing designs are commonly seen in fashion t-shirts and dresses, and often these garments have production marks or “press folds” at the hem points and under the arms where the design didn’t completely transfer. Templates customized to the size of the blank garment being sublimated are very helpful for the process. Garments are laid flat under a heat press that is able to cover the surface area of the fabric. The process is completed as the press sublimates the ink onto the garment.

We can offer blank ready garments, or if you provide samples, we can test your garments. Or we can manufacture blanks for your apparel line and print when you receive orders.

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