Looking for someone to take your sketches of designs and patterns to a professional level?


You want to get noticed! You want to be trendy! And you want to sell!

We know just how to design cutting-edge graphics, we stay ahead of the trends, we look at what everyone else is wearing. We understand the printing process, so we can design out-of-the-box, yet printable apparel. We read industry blogs and magazines, we talk to our printers and vendors to see what is the next big thing. And we offer simple cool designs that sell.

We have worked with small business to major retail stores such as Walgreens in creating their apparel graphics. If you are tired of just plopping your logo on a t-shirt and going with it, I think you’ll like what we have in store for you.


You want to sublimate print ALL over the t-shirt? You want to embroider your logo on the left chest? You want to make sure your sponsor logos appear prominient on a cycling jersey? We know just how to design and layout the graphics not only on a mock-up template but the actual pattern. Our vendors trust us enough to share their actual patterns with us to ensure high quality placement, print quality and guaranteed results.

We have years of experience of knowing just what works and where. Taking the guesswork out of the design process.



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