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N95 Style Face Mask No Filter


N95 equivalent fabric style face mask made with 2 layers of tightly woven fabric for protection against Covid-19.

  • Our masks were granted FDA approval under the “Emergency Use Authorization” Act.
  • Adult and youth sizes available
  • Reusable and washable
  • 2-Ply – 100% polyester tightly woven fabric
  • Thin comfortable elastic ear straps
  • Made in USA
  • Fabric is also made in USA along the East Coast

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If you need a specific color this may add to production times based on availability. Quickest turnaround time is when you order Assorted.

There may be some variances in the types of fabric being used on the filtered/nonfiltered masks because supplies are short supply. We are working with mills to get them to open back up so we can continue to get what we need to continue to make masks.

Fabrics being used are: 100% poly or poly/spandex mix or poly/cotton mix. All have polyester as the base.      


Care Instructions:

**Immediately after opening, wash all masks.**

Wash in HOT water with laundry detergent. Do not use fabric softener as this will breakdown the fibers.

Durability: Masks can be washed 50+ times and will retain the quality of the filter and fabric.









Disclaimer: Custom Apparel Source does not claim to completely protect or prevent you from contracting or transmitting COVID-19 or any other airborne virus, bacteria or other disease. Face and mouth masks are barriers to help confine droplets caused by sneezing or coughing. Our masks act as a simple barrier between you and the world. They are great for protecting your mouth and face and acting as some level of protection, especially when in close proximity to others. As with all health decisions, please consult with your doctor or medical professional to determine compatibility and suitability with your personal situation. We still advocate social distancing in line with the government’s advice. For further information please refer to


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