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Future of #FashionTech

We are just beginning to see where fashion, science and technology are converging.

At the time of this post, I’m currently attending a 2 day summit hosted by 360 Fashion Network on how digital fashion and technology is going to change the way we design, manufacture, create and even pay. First of all, I decided to begin a series of articles based on what I’ve learned and my takeaways from some of these topics and how, I mean, can we really infuse these ideas into every day apparel lines. Because don’t we want to know…What are the costs? What are the turnaround times? What kind of teams to to band with?


Our summit is designed for fashion brand owners, marketing managers, and digital product strategists to discover new technology.

So think about this….use virtual models instead of an expensive photoshoot to sell your clothes, wearable technology where you will one day use a touch on our sleeve to pay or answer a call, 3D printing fabric that prints your own outfit for the next day. Real leather is being made in science labs, apparel that shows your mood, footwear that can adjust the cushion to your gait.

In addition. fashion tech not only includes creating garments and using imaginative fabrics, and just as important is the logistics, business and money side of #fashiontech. Many of the speakers brought up different ways to find investors and what they are looking for, which companies have the best digital designers, digital fashion technology and specific equipment to produce the digital fashion/fabrics/models. This industry is a really new category that isn’t going away. It started about 5 years ago and is starting to get leverage and respect in the fashion industry. To conclude, this whole session is just #MINDBLOWING! I will continue to share more insights in my blog with links to these creative minds and their future exhibits, presentations and websites.
– Mariellen Auer, Owner

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