Once in a while, I like to share some comments people tell me about our face masks. This is from Malissa Yaegar, who has reordered already and she is very sweet and kind. We had spoken in the beginning and got to know each other better too. Even though I’m just selling face masks, I get a chance to meet a lot of different people throughout the day. So thank you Malissa. She encouraged me to share her testimonial.

“Received my masks, simply outstanding. Amazing workmanship and the color is to die for. You make a wonderful product and I really appreciate the personal touch you give so generously.
Your product provides the highest Pinnacle of quality without sacrificing the very rare need and desire for style and function.!
Will be in touch to order more soon just wanted to thank you for your kindness and for making such a wonderful product.”
Best wishes,
Malissa Yeager aka “lover of our hot pink masks!”