New Client: Bimini Lifestyle, LLC located in Nantucket/Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard

BiminiLifestyles Logo

Bimini Lifestyle has hired Custom Apparel Source to redesign their brand, apparel, consulting and apparel design and manufacturing. We are also creating their own website.

We have made amazing strides in just a few weeks. Bimini has been able to meet and connect with several popular retail establishments ie; prestigious hotels, inns, boutiques and high-end clothier chains. All established in the NE, particularly Cape Cod, Nantucket one of US’s most beautiful historic regions.

We are focusing on sublimated socks, t-shirts, hoodies, polos, hats for retail, in-house gift shops, staff and core management – using our own designs and private label for specific clients.


This is only the beginning of what I see as a truly building a brand and apparel line from the bottom up. Through the process, as I always do, I have been able to really get to know the client, Richard, the area and the characters that have shaped his life. After listening to him (sometimes 2-3 calls a day), even if sometimes I think “here we go again” on  Friday night at 8pm, I always pick up his call knowing, that I’m in for a treat and a laugh. Those stories and anecdotes trickle their way into the brand and help me put a voice to what he is developing and growing. A lot of times, he says he doesn’t even know how to present this or how to say that and I find that “voice” for him. In turn, I develop marketing strategy, tagline and talking points.

I have been consulting him not only on branding but on starting a business, how to market, who to talk to, even the details of trademarking and setting up the business legally.

I also connected him to one of my other clients who has a trademarked a oyster shell pattern called “Oystaflage” and we have been able to receive the rights to showcase his designs in our sock offerings. Think 4 day long oyster festivals in that area, they will be a huge hit.

In addition to apparel design, consulting and graphic design services, CAS is also developing Bimini Lifestyle’s website, which will be revealed soon.

Items CAS has developed:

– Logo/Rebranding

– Sell Sheets

– Packaging

– Sublimated Sock Designs

– Meeting talking points

– How to sell to buyers and work with them

– Website – full development of site, from purchasing domain name, hosting, to writing copy and images.


Pictures include logo in different formats, sublimated sock designs that are mock-ups to present to clients. The Murrary Toggery/Nantucket Red, is well known in the NE area and we thought we’d highlight this one-of-a-kind color in our sock designs.


BiminiApparel-Logo BiminiLifestyles Logo Horizontal

Oystaflage Sublimated Sock

Oystaflage Sublimated Sock







Lobster/Anchor ACK Sublimated Sock

Lobster/Anchor ACK Sublimated Sock

White Elephant Sublimated Sock Design

White Elephant Sublimated Sock Design

Murray Toggery using "Nantucket Red" Sublimated Socks

Murray Toggery using “Nantucket Red” Sublimated Socks

Murray Toggery Sublimated Argyle Design

Murray Toggery Sublimated Argyle Design