Alternative Apparel, based out of Georgia is a fairly young apparel company that started in 1995. I think it really has created a niche market with its cutting-edge blank apparel. Anyone can order use their apparel to put their own logo on whether you silk-screen or embroider it. So check out the link below and let me know if I can order any samples for you or your company’s next apparel launch or event.

Some of their pieces reminds me of the new recycled apparel, where designers make NEW apparel out of scraps of OLD apparel. Very cool stuff!


Check out the Spring 2012 runway show

Defender TankManzanita TeeStriped Baja HoodieBurnout Fleece Gym Rat TeeBurnout Fleece Victory ShortsApache Plum TankPrinted Skinny LeggingsCherokee Rose SkirtPrinted Morning Glory TopStriped Dorado Maxi Dress