Step 1: Choose Your Online Clothing Niche

Before you can choose your products, you need to decide which apparel or clothing niche you want to sell in. Choosing your niche ensures you choose products and create your whole clothing line business plan around the type of potential shoppers you want to appeal to and ultimately ensures you are able to position your store in a unique way.

Genderless fashion

The trick is to be very specific and really drill down your niche, as this will enable you to identify and market to your potential shoppers more easily. This will also help you develop your product list to appeal to your specific target market, allowing you to limit your competition and increase your chances of customer loyalty long-term.

An awesome example of this is the online apparel store HUMAN. Their niche? Pop culture. How do they cater to it? By using bold humor: a unique expression that appeals to what they call ‘pop culture nerds.’ And what appeals to potential shoppers in this niche? Not fancy chiffon skirts or name-brand shoes, but tees, hoodies, and socks.

Their site has so much awesome going on, but it’s their slogan that sums up their niche perfectly: “Dress Yourself To Express Yourself.”

Vintage Chic

So how do you choose your niche? Here are the four most important considerations when choosing your niche:

  • Be as unique as possible to stand out from the crowd
  • Choose a niche that interests you and you’re passionate about
  • Ask yourself whether you can add value and/or position yourself as an authority
  • Make sure the fashion niche has earning potential

2021 Trending Clothing Niches

  • Vintage clothing stores
  • Athleisure clothing lines
  • Genderless fashion
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Recommerce (second-hand clothing lines)