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Artwork Requirements




We advise that artwork is generated only in the following design programs; Illustrator and/or Photoshop, we cannot accept responsibility for any unwanted results from artwork originally generated in any other software. This is especially true of  ‘office’ programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc regardless of what options are available for final saving.

In order for us to be able to create original custom designs, we prefer original artwork which is called vector or saved as .AI files. This allows us to be able to resize and recolor. We can accept other formats and recreate them at an additional fee.

If you already have your final artwork ready for print these should be saved in .AI, PDF, EPS, TIFF, or high-res JPEG format. Alternatively a Mac generated open application file can be supplied using one of the following applications (and previous versions). Please remember to include all fonts and images required (We cannot accept open PC files).

Files should be supplied uncompressed wherever possible; WeTransfer/Dropbox may be used to send large files.

All fonts used should be embedded (PDF’s) or converted to outlines (EPS, Illustrator). We can accept Mac fonts for Mac generated artwork but cannot accept any artwork that requires PC fonts. If Mac fonts are supplied, please ensure all and only the correct fonts are supplied, including both the postscript (printer) and screen fonts.

All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300DPI. Any artwork supplied lower than 300DPI will print blurred and we cannot guarantee quality.

We can reproduce images from Photoshop as well as vector. Follow the requirements outlined in the Photoshop section.

We can only use vector artwork for printing.

Our fabulous designer can reproduce many different kinds of artwork that originate with JPG. An additional artwork fee may be applied.

Submit artwork sizes in inches. Example; logo for overall pattern on the sock 1.25 ” wide. “NANTUCKET” wide enough so that it is stretched across top and back. Keep in mind socks are 3.25″ wide. We only supply crew length. Other sizes require custom orders.

We always send a digital JPG proof for review and approval prior to printing. Different screens  and printers (if you print the proof on your own print) will vary, so we require PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors to guarantee accuracy.

Strike-offs are available for an additional fee. These are subject to additional fees such as taxes and shipping.

Please contact Mariellen Auer at Custom Apparel Source directly with artwork and questions.


direct: 704-236-0568

location: Charlotte, NC USA